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What is Aeration?

A compacted lawn or a lawn with a heavy clay content cannot breathe and water does not reach deep into the soil to draw the roots down.  Aeration uses a machine to pull out cores of soil from your lawn, allowing water and oxygen to get to the roots. Now, your lawn’s roots can grow deep, producing lush, healthy turf.


Aeration And Overseeding

Aeration can be followed by overseeding, as the holes created by aeration created a place for seeds to fall into and grow. The plugs will break down through regular activities like mowing and foot traffic, so they can become a top dressing for the newly planted seed.  Compost can also be spread to boost the seed and introduce organic material to create a richer soil.

Aeration should be done yearly.

Overseeding is a good choice for a healthy lawn that has few to no bare spots.



Slit-seeding is a mechanical method of planting grass seed that combines a bit of de-thatching with seeding.  A row of blades that resemble stars dig down into the soil, creating slits in the ground. This process opens up the thatch — the layer of dead grass, old roots, and other organic matter that builds up between the soil and the grass.  The sharp blades also create a perfect row of openings for the seed to be implanted. So the seeds get great, secure contact with the soil — a better method than simply overseeding.

Slit seeding is recommended for a thin weak lawn. This can be an older lawn (yes, grass has a "life time"), after a harsh summer,  new construction, or renovation that has lead to heavy equipment driving over the turf. It is also part of maintenance for a lawn that receives a lot of shade.

What About Timing?

All of the turf rejuvenation options can be done in the Spring or the Fall. However, they are best done in the early Fall. The cool, wet weather gives seeds the best chance to germinate before they have to deal with summer’s heat and drought.

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Lawn Rejuvenation


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