By: Ridge and Hollow | April 30, 2018

We get it, you have a million other things you'd rather be doing than mowing your lawn. But here's why cutting it short thinking you can longer in between cuttings, is hurting your lawn.

Mowing often enough and at the correct height is essential for the health and density of your lawn. We all want gorgeous greens we can relax and play on.  Cutting the grass strands to the correct height allows the grass to form new sprouts, which increases your lawn's density, achieving a lush feel underfoot.  That thicker turf is also going to be your friend when it comes to soil erosion, keeping your land right where you want it, and not where you don't.

By: Ridge and Hollow | April 13, 2018

Ornamental grasses are a great way to add year round structure to your landscape and there is an abundant variety to choose from to compliment any design style! Tall varieties can provide a low-maintenance solution for privacy, and the sounds of the breeze rustling through their long blades offer a truly soothing acoustic.

The optimal time to plant ornamental grasses is in the spring or fall.  They enjoy sunshine and good drainage, but really need little else.  Once they're established they are pretty drought resistant and unlikely to fall prey to many pests. Its a win-win!

Once you have cultivated mature grasses, you can enjoy them pretty much all year long, even through the winter months with their rich golden hues. 

The only...

By: Ridge and Hollow | April 06, 2018

5 inches of snow in April!

OK, here in Western PA we are used to some wacky weather in March. We expect it.  But its now April and we still face lows in the 20's and snow in the air.  It has made landscaping headway tough to sat the least.  But at Ridge&Hollow we are finding ways to make progress for our clients every day. 

By: Ridge and Hollow | March 02, 2018

Tour your new outdoor space! With the addition of SketchUp design software in 2018, we can now provide our clients with a full 3D view of their project.  As a homeowner, it is both beneficial and exciting to see your vision illustrated in such a true-to-life manner.

The finishing details will be added to this design and off we'll go!  This particular project consists of the addition of a new deck, patio, outdoor fireplace, and retaining wall.  Where there is currently nothing but grass, this client will be gaining an entire outdoor living and entertaining space!  Stay tuned as we begin work through this project!